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Our Team.

Time 4 Children is a small charity that operates in Mid Sussex. We are made up of a board of Trustees, a small core team who run the day-to-day operations of the charity and our volunteers who provide emotional listening support to children in schools.

Our Trustees


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Kim Bell,


In her early career, Kim worked for Action Research as PR and Communications Manager but spent most of her career in senior marketing roles in banking, insuranace and asset management before founding and running a successful global financial services marketing agency.

She has two grown up children and lives in Sussex

Lucinda Richardson,


For the past few years, Lucinda has worked in the media and entertainment sector and has a background specialising in outdoor advertising.

During the first lockdown, in 2020, she realised she wanted to revive her passion of wanting to be involved in something meaningful which led her to finding Time 4 Children. She knew instantly that she wanted to be a part of the charity and support the work they do.

Lover of nail varnish, tea and roses, you will usually find Lucinda with a Tudor related book in hand!

Will Adler,


A qualified actuary, Will has spent over 40 years working in the life and health insurance industry. He is currently working as Head of Pricing and Risk Management.

He was drawn to Time 4 Children for the unique work that the charity does and wanted to use his business experience to help keep the charity in a sound financial position. As a parent of two, Will appreciates the value of the service Time 4 Children provides in the community.

In his spare time, he plays Bridge and is a keen armchair and rugby enthusiast, now that his playing days are over.

Anne Pithie

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Jamie Huard

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Ann Truin

Following her retirement, Ann returned to live in the Mid Sussex area and was keen to get involved with a local charity. She initially joined Time 4 Children as a Volunteer Practitioner before becoming a Trustee in May 2022.

Prior to this, Ann spent many years working for the Local Authority in a range of Children's Services, Family Centres and the Special Educational Needs Assessment Team.

Our Team


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Lisa Westbury,


Joining Time 4 Children as a volunteer in 2016, which led to her becoming a member of staff, first as a Home Visitor and then as a Child Placement/Volunteer Coordinator, before taking over as Manager in April 2022. She is very passionate abut children's mental health and has a background in child development and psychology and previous experience working with children's and family charities and the Local Authority. Lisa enjoys the variety of challenges managing a small charity brings - every day is different! She lives in Mid Sussex with her husband and two of her 4 (mostly grown up) children and a very muddy dog! When she is not working, Lisa enjoys theatre trips, dancing, long walks and reading.

Kate Sapara,

Child Placement and Volunteer Coordinator

Kate first joined Time 4 Children in 2013 as a volunteer in the office. The following year she joined the training course which complemented the counselling training that she was doing at the time. Her role now sees her supervising volunteers. Of Time 4 children she says, "Time 4 Children plays a vita role because each hour dedicated to a child's mental health has far reaching benefits for the wider community and generations to come."

Claire Booth,

Child Assessment Home Visitor

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Hilary McNulty,

Child Placement & Volunteer Coordinator

Hilary joined Time 4 Children as a volunteer in 2018 and became a Child and Volunteer Placement Coordinator in 2022. Hilary has spent most of her live in Sussex but she and her family moved to New Jersey for several years before returning to Mid Sussex. Hilary splits her working week between Time 4 Children and her husband's software company.

Beverley Thring,


After fifteen years working in the retail sector, Beverley wanted to do a job that served her local community. After having three children, she had learnt more about children's mental health and was very keen to apply for a role at Time 4 Children. A lover of all things paperwork and computers, she is very happy in her administrative role with the charity.

She has lived most of her life in Mid Sussex and spends most of her free time ferrying her children to multiple after-school activities!!

Esther Featherstone,


Esther organised her first fundraising event at the age of 6, raising money for a local hospital. From there, she has developed her passion for fundraising which is what led her to join Time 4 Children in 2021. Esther loves a challenge and is always up for a marathon or even ultra marathon! Her favourite biscuit is a Malted Milk and you will always find her in brightly coloured clothes, singing or giggling loudly!

Call: 01444 440547

Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm

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