Children’s comments

“It makes me happy, and gets all troubles away”.

“It’s good there’s some one I can talk to. I don’t get into so much trouble now. It’s fun and makes me happy”.

“I get space from all what’s going on. It’s fantastic, excellent and cool”.

“It helps me feel better and calm”.

“I’ve learned to talk to people when I get upset or if I have something on my mind”.

Comments from parents and carers

“Time 4 Children supported my niece through some very tough times. Without Time 4 Children’s support, patience and hard work I don’t know what would have happened to her. My niece, in her sessions felt listened to and safe”.

"Time 4 Children has really helped my son. Being able to share his thoughts and feelings with someone outside of his family has been so beneficial".

"I feel without the time, effort and commitment from Time 4 Children, my son would not have the tools in place to see him through his journey in life".

“Without Time 4 Children, my child would not be as stable or confident as she is now.”

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